Allan M. Hewer

Born: October 12th 1974
Death: December 12th 1998

Allan, at this time that we’re apart
Our memories draw you near,
For nothing is harder than saying "Good-bye"
To someone so young and so dear,
Each tear is a silent prayer in our heart
That the Lord will hold you near

"Allan’s life was too short..."
A memorial from the ones that he loved and loved him...

" Allan Hewer was my son.
On Saturday 12, 1998 he died of acute alcohol poisoning."

-Richard Hewer-

Allan’s life was too short...He should have attended Ferris like four of his brothers or decided on a career that would allow him to buy a house in this area and settle down with the girl of his dreams. He should have had a house full of kids, taught Sunday School at his local church and visited with my wife and me every couple of weeks... These are the things that go through my mind these days.
Allan’s life was too short...Just in the past year he developed a "best friend" type relationship with one of his brothers. They went fishing, hunting, worked together and just hung out together... He needed more time to enjoy their relationship Allan_Hewer_2.jpg (52890 bytes)
Allan_Hewer_3.jpg (26370 bytes) Allan’s life was too short...He always had to struggle; from the time he was left to fend for himself on the streets of Columbia before we adopted him, through school when grades were a struggle, through his teen years when he struggled with feeling different because of his Hispanic appearance in a predominantly white community until his final struggle with alcohol, Allan struggled. ..He needed more time to find an area of his life where he could be successful.
Allan’s life was too short...He had a wonderful three year old nephew and a beautiful 2 year old niece that he adored. They were so special to him and they are too young to remember him... They needed more time to get to know him. Allan_Hewer_3.jpg (26370 bytes)
Allan_Hewer_4.jpg (27813 bytes) Allan’s life was too short...He attended a highly structured alcohol treatment program called "Teen Challenge" that gave him a taste of life without alcohol and strengthened his relationship with the Lord. Although he flourished in that environment he so much wanted to be able to live a "normal" life that he turned away from that life and turned to alcohol...He needed time to see that a "normal" life for him could not include alcohol.
Allan_Hewer_5.jpg (70961 bytes)

Allan’s life was too short...The truth is that his life was cut short because of the choices he made. Allan chose to drink alcohol that night. I don’t think he thought he would die. I don’t think he intentionally chose not to get married and have a family and a future. I don’t think he meant to leave his best friend, or his niece and nephew. He just made one too many bad choices that night. Allan does not have the opportunity to lengthen his life. I hope and pray that Allan’s story might challenge someone else to make better choices...If that is the case Allan’s life may have been just long enough.