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This site has information about the Hewer family. This will include the extended family. The original emphsis will be on the relatives of Richard Hewer from Guelph, Canada.

All Hewer Family Reunion 2003 was in Guelph, August 2-3, 2003

James Hewer Home
Hewer Reunion 2003

Top row left to right and down
Ron Quinones, Perry Richards, Scott Hewer, Mike Dowson, Genny Dowson, Ray Harris
Linda (Hewer) Quinones, Emily Quinones, Tina (Rehwald) Richards, Heather Hewer, Susan (Yeast) Hewer, Gina Hewer, Mary (Haines) Harris
Richard Hewer, Jim Thatcher, Nadia (Dolcetti) Thatcher, Laurie (Hewer) Fair, Gail (Hewer) Dudnick, Gabrilla (Simone) Hewer, Rod Hewer
Denise (Jarrait) Hewer, Janey Roberts, Jim N. Thatcher, Howard Hewer, Nicholas Arthur Robert, Peter Hewer, Margaret (Hewer) Billings

Former Mayor of Guelph James Hewer's family descendants to reunited in Guelph. The Hewer family arrived in the Guelph area from England as early as 1831. An All Hewer Families Reunion toke place on August 2 and 3, 2003. Perry Richards, the great-grandson of Mayor Hewer (1897-98) organized this first Hewer reunion

Mayor Hewer was the oldest of ten children and twenty years older than his youngest brother. According to recent family memory, this was the first ever all Hewer families-reunion. Two other branches that represent the local Hewer clan are William Hewer and Ann (Hewer) Thatcher. They were the brother and sister of Mayor Hewer's father John Hewer. We met family members from all the branches.

The two-day event began on Saturday, August 2 at St. George's Church Fellowship Hall, 99 Woolwich Street. It continued in the rain on Sunday, August 3 with an All-Families Picnic at the Riverside Park on Woolwich Street. You can get more information about and see photos of Reunion 2003 by clicking here.

Group Picture


L to R:
Jim Thatcher of Thornbury Bay,ON, John & Joan Hewer of Victoria BC, Peter Hewer of Guelph, Bill Carter of Guelph and Mary Harris of Toronto